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Hangzhou Topchem Co.,Ltd- as a modern enterprise, from scratch, from the beginning to forge ahead, we constantly grope for growth in development, accumulate valuable experience in practice and mature in thinking. Now we are providing high quality innovative products and excellent services for China and other countries in the world.
Our products include iron oxide and organic pigments, iron oxide pigments, carbon black, chrome yellow, color paste, titanium dioxide, product packaging, quality control. With our professional experience in the product field, combined with our insight and Thinking on the domestic and foreign markets, we not only provide stable and reliable products and services for active end users, but also provide customized raw materials and production solutions for professional manufacturers.
-Only those enterprises that produce excellent products and provide exciting services for many consumers have the opportunity to develop into excellent companies. We take this as our goal and are determined to surpass your expectations-

Hangzhou Topchem Co.,Ltd

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Address: Jianhua science and Technology Industrial Park, 176 Yunxi Road, Tangqi Town, Yuhang District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province

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